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Firewall Administration Essential Training


Course organization
What should you know

1. Assessing and Planning

Planning an IPv4 address scheme
Understanding Reverse Proxy
Understanding DMZ's
Understanding bandwidth needs
Client side vs. network firewalls

2. Routing Configuration

Backup any existing configuration
Reset to factory defaults
Firewall initial configuration
Firewall configuration, continued
Testing and validating initial config
Setting up a virtual IP

3. Network Address Translation

Understanding network address translation (NAT)
Automatic NAT
Manual NAT
Configuring static ports
1 to 1 NAT
NAT port forwarding

4. Providing DHCP

Understanding DHCP
DHCP relay
Reconfiguring IPv4 DHCP
Static DHCP reservations

5. Traditional IP Firewalls (IPFW)

Understanding traditional firewalls
Understanding protocols
Configuring schedules to use with rules
Configuring allow rules for APNS
Configuring deny rules to block file sharing

6. Traffic Shaping

Learn about traffic shaping
Understanding the qACK queue
Measuring performance before shaping it
Promote VOIP using HFSC
Tweaking an HFSC queue
Promote game traffic
Promote application specific traffic
Penalizing hosts and traffic

7. Host Aliases

Configuring an IP alias
Configuring a port alias
Creating a rule to use an alias
Scheduling game system down time

8. Limiters

Building traffic limiters
Assign traffic to a Limiter in a firewall rule
Configure UPnP and NAT-PMP for wueues


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