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lynda Firebase Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Firebase: Stop reinventing the wheel
What you should know
Installing software and other setup
Exercise files
What to expect from this course

1. Introduction and Basic Setup:
What is Firebase exactly?
Gather requirements
Set up a Firebase account
Hook up an app to Firebase
Install Firebase CLI tools
Example app walk-through

2. Authentication:
What is Firebase Auth?
Set up the sign-in methods
Important Firebase Auth functions
Avoid vendor lock-in
Create a sign-in wrapper function
Create other auth wrapper functions
Add private routes
Sign in and sign out
Authentication pricing

3. Firestore:
What is Firestore?
Firestore query basics
Set up a Firestore database
Firestore security rules
Populate Firestore with development data
Add user wrapper functions
Add review wrapper functions
Add restaurant wrapper functions
Add reservation wrapper functions
Add Firestore to a project
Implement edit profile functionality
Load available times
Firestore pricing

4. Cloud Functions:
What are Cloud Functions?
Add Cloud Functions to a project
Write Cloud Functions in ES6+ syntax
Build an email verification flow
Modify Firestore security rules
Create temporary users
Verify temporary users
Send emails with nodemailer
Send emails from Cloud Functions
Verify users with Cloud Functions
Demonstrate the verification flow
Cloud Functions pricing

5. More Cloud Functions:
Control access with Cloud Functions
Set up to run functions locally
Run Cloud Functions
The Make a Reservation function, part 1
The Make a Reservation function, part 2
The Submit Review function
The Cancel Reservation function
The Get Recommendations function
The Search Restaurants function

6. Authentication Cloud Functions:
Auth-flow enhancements
Enabling OAuth in Firebase
Creating new users from Oauth, part 1
Creating new users from Oauth, part 2
Resetting passwords

7. Cloud Storage:
What is cloud storage?
Adding cloud storage to a project
Uploading profile pictures
Uploading review photos
Cloud storage pricing

8. Hosting:
What is Firebase Hosting?
Deploying to Firebase Hosting
Hosting pricing
Firebase users and permissions

Next steps