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Finance Foundations for Solopreneurs

Working as a solopreneur
Are you a solopreneur?

1. Foundations of Solopreneurs
Running a business of one
Taxes as a solopreneur
Choosing a business structure
Preparing a business plan
What about business insurance?
What about personal insurance?

2. Profitability As a Solopreneur
Understanding cash flow
Recordkeeping as solopreneur
It's not what you make, it's what you keep
Maximizing income
Tracking deductible expenses
Preparing an exit strategy early

3. Filing Taxes
Understanding the 1099
Profit and loss statements and balance sheets
Working with a CPA

4. Growing Your Business
Social media marketing strategies
Blogs, videos, and podcasts
Membership-based revenue stream
When and how to get help

Next steps