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Final Cut Pro X Guru: Web Video with Graphics

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Knowing and Organizing Your Footage

Familiarizing yourself with the project assets
Organizing your assets on the Mac OS
Creating an FCP X library and events
Importing your files
Creating additional Keyword Collections
Creating additional Smart Collections

2. Assembling the Rough Cut

Viewing the interview footage
Creating a storyboard edit from favorites
Enhancing the scene with additional B-roll: Part 1
Enhancing the scene with additional B-roll: Part 2
Creating placeholders for graphics
Laying down and auditioning the music
Exporting a reference movie for feedback

3. Refining the Cut

Adding to-do markers to make notes
Using the Timeline Index to complete trimming tasks
Using the Trim tool for refinement

4. Adding Titles and Effects

Creating video fades and adding transitions to cuts
Applying motion effects
Adjusting clip speed
Applying color looks to compound clips
Adding and animating a lower third
Preparing and animating graphics: Part 1
Preparing and animating graphics: Part 2

5. Fine-Tuning Audio

Fixing common sound problems
Ducking music with range selection
Creating split edits
Adjusting pan and equalization

6. Exporting Your Video

Checking video and audio levels
Using roles to help us for export
Maximizing keywords for export
Exporting a video to YouTube or Vimeo