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lynda FileMaker: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques (2018)

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
Exercise files

1. Other Uses of the Calculation Dialog:
Calculated replaces
Using calculations in auto
Using calculations to hide objects
Using calculations in conditional formatting
Using related fields in aggregate functions

2. Advanced Reporting:
Subsummary ranking reports
Nested subsummary reports

3. Securing Your Custom Apps:
Setting up privilege sets
Setting up accounts
Using SSL certificates

4. Sharing Your Apps with FileMaker Server:
What is FileMaker Server?
Server hosting options
Installing FileMaker Server
Configuring FileMaker Server
Scheduling backups
Scheduling scripts
Uploading your app to FileMaker Server

5. Web Deployment:
Deploying using FileMaker WebDirect

6. Importing:
Importing to refresh data

7. Integrating with Non-FileMaker Databases:
Connectivity options
Setting up a DSN
Connecting via external SQL sources

8. Advanced Layouts:
Layout object states
Objects pane and group object selection
Controlling object visibility when printing
Adding charts to report layouts

9. JSON and Data APIs:
Support for JSON in FileMaker
Working with JSON

10. Advanced Scripting:
Using script parameters, set field, and error capture
Sending emails in your scripts

11. Script Triggers:
Introducing script triggers
Using object-based triggers
Using layout-based triggers
Using file-based triggers (open and close scripts)

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