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FileMaker Pro Essential Training

Introducing FileMaker Pro Essential Training
Introducing the FileMaker platform
Touring the Create window

1. Getting Started
What is a database?
How FileMaker works
Essential preferences
Getting to know the interface

2. FileMaker App Creation Essentials
Getting going with starter apps
Add-on tables

3. Creating Tables
Determining which tables your FileMaker app will need
Creating tables in the Manage Tables window
An important note about relationships

4. Working with Fields
Deciding what fields you will need
Understanding field types
Defining fields
Adding fields to layouts
Field options: Auto-enter
Field options: Validation

5. Working with Container Fields
Using container fields in your FileMaker App
Applying container field options
Container storage options

6. Working with Records
Creating and duplicating records
Editing and locking records
Deleting records, backing up files

7. Importing/Exporting
Exporting data
Importing data

8. Creating Layouts
Introducing layouts
Using the Layout Assistant to new layouts

9. Working with Layouts
Understanding layout parts
The Inspector pane
Layout tools and status area in Layout mode
Managing layouts and layout folders

10. Formatting Layout Objects
Grouping layout objects
Arranging and aligning layout objects
Understanding themes
Applying themes to layouts
Customizing and importing themes
Applying screen stencils
Formatting fields and applying field attributes
Controlling layout object behaviors
Using the Tab Control feature
Slide controls in your layouts
Popovers in your layouts
Setting the tab order

11. Finding Data
Using the basic find functions
New requests in Find mode
Search operators
Constraining or extending found sets
Using Fast Match and Quick Find

12. Sorting Data
Sorting with single criteria
Sorting with multiple criteria
Sorting using custom values
Sorting using buttons

13. Value Lists
Dropdowns, radio buttons, and other field control options
Creating and applying static value lists

14. Printing
Previewing pages and print options

15. Reports
Building simple reports with summary fields
Creating subsummary reports: Summary parts
Creating subsummary reports: Aggregating Summary Parts

16. Calculation Essentials
What are calculations?
Touring the Calculation Dialog window
Number functions
Date and time functions
Analytic text functions
Text manipulation and functions
Logic functions: The If function
Logic functions: The Case function

17. Script Essentials
What are scripts and script steps?
Assigning script steps to buttons
Touring the Script Workspace
Creating multiline scripts
Creating multiline scripts: Printing in scripts
Creating multiline scripts: Custom dialogs
Adding find criteria to a script: Static finds
Adding find criteria to a script: User specified finds
Using the New Window script step
Understanding the If script step
Adding the If script step to a script

18. New Features in FileMaker 18
The Import Field Mapping dialog box
File-based scripts and setting error logging
Manage Security dialog box and new Privilege set option
Recursion in calculations

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