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lynda Exploring Photography: Family and Group Portraiture

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. Before Shooting: Planning the Portrait:
Determining the message and the intent
Making decisions about props and locations
Clothing and make-up considerations

2. Posing and Working with a Subject:
Posing a female subject
Posing a male subject
Posing a couple
Making adjustments at a shoot to capture subjects at their best

3. Photo Shoots and Strategies:
Taking a family portrait
Taking a portrait of a small business group under time constraints
Taking a portrait of a business group
Taking a portrait of a large group
Thinking outside the box

4. Post-Processing for Group Portraits:
Working on wrinkles
Working on skin texture
Making a body swap
Smooth out wrinkles
Work on skin texture
Make a body swap
Bring attention to subjects with Lightroom