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Exploring Performance and Scale with Data Options in Azure

Azure data options for modern cloud apps
What you should know
Exercise files and the demo app

1. Building Modern Data Applications
Data management systems
Modern data applications
Create a modern data application
Becoming a cloud app
Azure Blueprints and landing zones
Infrastructure deploy
Challenge: Create a blueprint
Solution: Create a blueprint

2. Working with SQL Azure
SQL Azure overview
Provisioning SQL Azure database
Designing for relational
Entity Framework and SQL
Data migrations and SQL Azure
Cloud features of SQL Azure
Challenge: Add core owners table
Solution: Add core owners table

3. Working with Cosmos DB
Overview of Cosmos DB
Provisioning Cosmos DB
Coding patterns for Cosmos
Code changes for Cosmos SDK
Designing for performance in Cosmos
Challenge: Convert app to Cosmos
Solution: Convert app to Cosmos

4. Using Azure Storage
Overview of Azure Storage
Provisioning Azure Storage
Azure Blob Storage
Add Azure Storage account
Add upload to Blob Storage
Azure Table Storage
Azure Table Storage
Azure Storage Queues
Challenge: Queue storage
Solution: Queue storage

Teardown video
Next steps