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Exploring C Libraries

Video Introducing this tutorial

Expand on what C can do with C Libraries
Using the exercise files
Working with the code

1. Setup and Configuration
Understanding libraries
Finding a C library
Installing a library
Linking a library: Command prompt
Liking a library: IDE

2. Data Structures
Understanding XML
Testing the libxml2 installation
Accessing XML data
Generating XML data
Working with JSON
Testing the json-c installation
Accessing JSON data
Reading JSON data
Creating JSON output

3. Web Access
Testing libcurl
Fetching a web page
Saving web data
Sending data

4. Text Programming
Working with wide characters
Building an ncurses program
Controlling the text screen
Making color text
Exploring ncurses input

5. Computer Graphics
Accessing a JPEG
Reading and writing JPEG images
Manipulating JPEG images
Working with PNG images
Modifying a PNG image

Writing your own library
Next steps