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Exchange 2016: Mailbox Databases


What you should already know

1. Plan and Manage Database Storage

Setting database requirements
Capacity and placement
Storage architecture
Virtualization scenarios
Creating and managing mailbox database

2. High Availability Mailbox Databases

Failure domains and SLA requirements
Server management
Database availability groups
Proper placement of file share witness
Mailbox database copies

3. Site Resilient DAG

Quorums and quorum modes
Datacenter activation coordination
Alternate file share witness
Site recovery

4. Troubleshooting Mailbox Databases

Transaction logs
Monitoring database replication
Troubleshooting database replication
Troubleshooting performance
Troubleshooting database failure

5. Backup and Recovery Solutions

Planning for SLA recovery requirements
Lagged mailbox database copies
Restoring from a backup
Recovering public folder hierarchy
Dial tone restores


Next steps