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Excel Statistics Essential Training: 2

Need to know
Exercise files

1. Excel Statistics Essentials
Use Excel statistical functions
Use the Analysis Toolpak
Use statistical charts
Use 3D maps

2. Visualize Sampling Distributions
Simulate the central limit theorem
Visualize the standard normal and t
Visualize F and chi square

3. ANOVA: A Closer Look
Analyze between groups ANOVA
Perform simple comparisons
Perform complex comparisons
Perform unplanned comparisons
Perform repeated measures ANOVA

4. ANOVA: A Complex Look
Perform two-way analysis of variance
Perform comparisons after two-way ANOVA

5. Linear Regression: A Closer Look
Visualize scatter plot and regression line
Analyze the regression line

6. Multiple Regression
Perform multiple regression

7. Nonlinear Regression
Define natural logs and exponentials
Perform exponential regression analysis
Perform logarithmic regression analysis
Perform power regression analysis
Perform polynomial regression analysis

8. Time Series
Forecast and make predictions

9. Advanced Correlation
Perform correlation
Compare two correlation coefficients
Perform multiple correlation
Perform partial correlation

10. Frequency Hypothesis Testing
Test independence of two variables
Test goodness of fit

11. Simulation
Perform Monte Carlo simulation
Perform business simulations

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