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lynda Excel Formulas and Functions Quick Tips

Video Introducing this tutorial

Calculate data with ease in Excel

1. Formula and Function Basics:
Build a formula in a cell with =
Create a named range
Reference cells and worksheets
Join text with an ampersand

2. Common Excel Functions:
Count cells that contain numbers with COUNT
Count nonblank cells with COUNTA
Return a number of occurrences with COUNTIF
Calculate a total with SUM
Sum values that meet specific criteria with SUMIF
Find the mean value with AVERAGE
Test for valid data with IF
Create complex tests with AND and OR
Format numbers and dates with TEXT
Extract characters with LEFT and RIGHT
Extract substrings with MID
Count characters with LEN
Identify where a character occurs with FIND
Remove leading spaces with TRIM
Join strings with delimiters with TEXTJOIN
Change text with SUBSTITUTE and REPLACE
Find record values with MAX, MIN, SMALL, and LARGE
Perform date calculations with TODAY
Retrieve a specific value with XLOOKUP
Use INDEX and MATCH to retrieve a value
Include IFERROR to trap errors in formulas

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