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Excel for Sales Professionals

Video Introducing this tutorial


How to use the exercise files

1. Getting Started with Templates

Get started with a template
Modify a template and chart
Add a drop-down list
Share a template with your team

2. Importing Sales Data

Import data from a database
Import data from a CRM
Import data from a file
Cleaning up columns
Import data from many files
Query refresh options
Copy and pasting data
Cleaning up pasted data

3. Working with Tables

What is a table?
Sort and filter
Automatic rows and columns
Add a dynamic commission calculation

4. Analyzing Sales Data

Conditional formatting
Unpacking PivotTables
Create a leaderboard
Leaderboard finishing touches
Funnel charts
Quick forecasting
3D maps

5. Build Awesome Sales Solutions

Multi-tier PivotTables
Create monthly and yearly summaries
Create period over period summaries
Create reports for multiple sales reps
Start a dashboard with existing PivotTables
Add PivotCharts to a dashboard
Add a map chart
Add a chart with a running total