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Excel 2016: Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

Video Introducing this tutorial


Using the exercise files

1. Utility Tasks Associated with Multiple Worksheets

Navigation and display tips
Inserting and deleting worksheets
Copying and moving worksheets within a workbook
Changing tab colors and renaming sheets
Hiding/unhiding worksheet tabs; protecting hidden worksheets

2. Working with Different Worksheets Together

Displaying multiple worksheets of the same workbook
Copying, moving, and inserting data on different sheets
Selecting adjacent or non-adjacent worksheets; applying global changes
Getting data from other sheets using formulas and the INDIRECT function

3. Working with Multiple Workbooks

Navigating workbooks
Getting data from other sheets with 3D formulas
Copying and moving data and entire worksheets across different workbooks

4. Linking Formulas across Multiple Workbooks

Creating formulas that link worksheets in different books
Locating and managing links between multiple workbooks


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