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Exam Tips: Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-301)

What is Azure Architect Design?
What you should know
Exam overview

1. Determine Workload Requirements
Determine workload requirements
Gather information and requirements
Optimize consumption strategy
Design an audit and monitor strategy

2. Design for Identity and Security
Design for identity and security
Design identity management
Design authentication
Design authorization
Design for risk prevention for identity
Design a monitor strategy for identity and security

3. Design a Data Platform Solution
Design a data platform solution
Design a data management solution
Design a data protection strategy
Design and document data flows
Design a monitoring strategy for the data platform

4. Design a Business Continuity Strategy
Design a business continuity strategy
Design a site recovery strategy
Design for high availability
Design a data archiving strategy

5. Design for Deployment, Migration, and Integration
Design for deployment, migration, and integration
Design deployments
Design migrations
Design an API integration strategy

6. Design an Infrastructure Strategy
Design an infrastructure strategy
Design a storage strategy
Design a compute strategy
Design a networking strategy
Design a monitoring strategy

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