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lynda Exam Tips: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900)

Video Introducing this tutorial

The world is changing because of AI
The AI-900 certification and exam

1. Artificial Intelligence in Azure:
AI overview
Cognitive Services
The Microsoft responsible AI principles

2. Vision:
Computer Vision
The Face API
Form Recognizer and Ink Recognizer
Custom Vision
Vision Cognitive Services
Vision: Additional resources

3. Natural Language Processing:
Natural language processing (NLP)
Speech APIs
Speech Services and Speech Studio
Language services
NLP Cognitive Services
NLP: Additional resources

4. Creating Bots:
Conversational AI
Bot Framework
Demo: Bot Framework
Conversational AI: Additional resources

5. Working with Machine Learning Solutions:
Introduction to machine learning
Classification models on Azure ML
Create a custom Azure ML resource
Automated machine learning
Azure ML: Additional resources