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lynda Exam Tips: Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Azure certification for advancement
What you should know

1. Overview:
The new Azure exams and certifications

2. Manage Azure Identities and Governance:
Manage Active Directory objects
Manage role-based access control (RBAC)
Manage subscriptions and governance

3. Implement and Manage Storage:
Mange storage accounts
Manage data in Azure Storage
Configure Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage

4. Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources:
Configure virtual machines for high availability and scalability
Automate deployment and configuration of virtual machines
Create and configure virtual machines
Create and configure containers
Create and configure web apps

5. Configure and Manage Virtual Networking:
Implement and manage virtual networking
Configure name resolution
Secure access to virtual networks
Configure load balancing
Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking
Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure VNet

6. Monitor and Back Up Azure Resources:
Monitor resources using Azure Monitor
Implement backup and recovery

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