lynda Essentials of Storyboarding

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Get into the business of storyboarding!
What are storyboards?
Benefits to production
Sample files

1. Get Started in Storyboarding :
Build a portfolio
Get an education
Skills story artists need
Find storyboard jobs
How to charge for storyboards

2. What You Need for Storyboarding :
Materials for storyboarding on paper
Materials for digital storyboarding
Storyboard forms
Benefits of drawing digitally

3. Understanding Storyboards :
Live action vs. animation storyboards
How much of a project requires storyboarding?
Presentation boards versus shooting boards
Write and read a storyboard

4. Starting a Storyboard Job :
Prep for a storyboard job
What to request when you land a job
References and research
Director research

5. The Art of Storyboarding :
How to create storyboards if you can't draw
Quick sketching tips
Toy references
Digital drawing tips
Final storyboard art and cleanup
Coloring storyboards

6. Illustrated Camera Techniques :
Camera movement and terms
Special effects

7. Delivery :
Pitch your ideas
Delivery of storyboards

Conclusion :
Next steps

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