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lynda Essential Technical Aspects of Animation

Video Introducing this tutorial

Note: This course was created by Dermot O’Connor. We are pleased to host this training in our library.
Introduction :
Essential technical aspects of animation
1. Animating on Paper :
Frame rates, X-sheets, and paper
Frame rates and logistics
Animating on paper
Drawings, frames, and exposures
Timing charts vs. tweening
Straight ahead animation
Pose-to-pose animation
Model sheets
Color models
From rough drawings to cleanup
Cell painting to DIP (digital ink and paint)
2. Camera and Technical :
Aspect ratios
Perspective: Introduction
Perspective: Intermediate
Long shot, medium, and close-up
Pans, trucks, and zooms
Fades, dissolves, and cuts
Cheating orbits
When to start a pan
Lighting scenes
Cheating depth with color and tone
Cheating depth of field with blurs
Cheating depth with motion
3. Production Tips :
Sweatbox notes
Drawing budget
Staging: Introduction
Staging: Advanced
Line of action
Layout poses
Concise naming
Do easy scenes first
Remember your ABC
Puppets and gestures
Puppets and arcs
Dos and don'ts
Conclusion :
Next steps