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Enhancing Interior Architectural Photos

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files
Capture One overview

1. Zen House: Interior Statue
Overview of the statue image
Enhancing details on the first statue image
Processing the second statue image

2. Zen House: Interior Bath
Overview of the bath image
Adjusting details on the raw file of the bath
Dust spotting on the bath image
A Hue/Saturation adjustment on the bath image
Building final action in Photoshop for the bath shot

3. Zen House: Overall Living Space
Overview of the living-room image
Raw processing of the living-room image in Capture One
Compositing the small living-room image in Photoshop
Finishing and final output for the small living-room image
Decorative object challenge

4. Midcentury Modern: Living Space
Overview of the image
Making a select in the living-space image
Adjusting the raw file of the living space
Cleaning up details in the living-space image in Photoshop
Color correcting the floor in the living-space image
Running final action on the living-space image

5. Midcentury Modern: Kitchen and the Dining Room
Overview of the prow kitchen
Adjusting the selects for the stack
The Helicon Focus stack process
Adjusting the details of the windows
Adjusting the details of the chair and rug
Adjusting the color in the ceiling
Final actions and resizing on the kitchen image
The challenge of removing lighting

6. Midcentury Modern: Hallway
Overview of the hallway shot
Raw processing the hallway images in Capture One
Compositing the hallway of the midcentury modern
Removing elements in the hall image
Final actions on the hall image
The challenge of removing the vase in the final frame
Surprise challenge: Reflective surface