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Electronics Foundations: Basic Circuits

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files
Safety warnings

1. Building Circuits

Read electrical schematics
Build circuits on breadboards

2. Resistors

Types of resistors
Resistor characteristics
Read resistor color codes
Measure resistance

3. Resistive Circuits

Resistors in series
Voltage dividers
Shift voltage levels
Measure resistive sensors
Resistors in parallel
Kirchoff's circuit laws
Wheatstone bridge
Challenge: Light-activated switch
Solution: Light-activated switch

4. Oscilloscope Measurements

What is an oscilloscope?
Measure a signal
Oscilloscope display settings
Oscilloscope trigger settings

5. Capacitors

What is a capacitor?
Types of capacitors
Read capacitor values
Capacitor characteristics
Capacitors in parallel
Capacitors in series
RC circuits
Challenge: Camera flash
Solution: Camera flash

6. Alternating Current

Alternating current vs. direct current
Sine wave characteristics
Measure AC voltage

7. Electrical Signals

Frequency domain
Bandwidth and square waves
Signal sources

8. Reactive Circuits

Filter frequency response
Logarithmic scale
RC low-pass filter
Decoupling capacitors
RC high-pass filter
Impedance matching and bridging
Challenge: Filter audio
Solution: Filter audio

9. Inductors

What is an inductor?
Types of inductors
L/R response
Capacitors vs. inductors


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