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lynda Eclipse Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Build projects in multiple languages with Eclipse
What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Introduction to Eclipse :
What is Eclipse?
Downloading and installing Eclipse
Creating a basic project
Touring the Eclipse interface
Adjusting preferences
Managing views and perspectives
Installing and removing additional software
Adding external files to your project
Creating additional files and folders
Adjusting project-specific settings

2. Working with Code :
Effectively navigating code
Using breakpoints
Refactoring code
Working with tasks
Applying and customizing formatting

3. Using Git for Version Control :
Setting up Git users
Creating a local repository
Committing changes
Viewing history
Working with branches
Creating a remote repository
Pushing to a remote repository

4. Using Eclipse for Java Development :
Unit testing
Debugging a Java app
Installing JavaFX
Creating a JavaFX project
Resolving errors in JavaFX
Building a UI with JavaFX

5. Using Eclipse for Python Development :
Installing Python
Installing Python add-ons
Creating a Python project
Testing a Python application
Debugging a Python app
Importing a PyDev project

Conclusion :
Next steps