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Dynamo: Practical

Video Introducing this tutorial

Exercise files
What you should know

1. Placing Component Families along a Path
Place a single Revit Family
Opening and executing Dynamo files
Simple Revit selection nodes
Placing a point on a curve
Understanding lists
Creating a list
Understanding lacing
Complete the graph

2. Renaming Multiple Project Views
Select all Revit views
Remove null values
Filter list of views by sheet
Complete the graph and rename the views
Bonus: Prep a graph for Dynamo player

3. Placing Adaptive Component Families
Understanding adaptive component requirements
Goal of this chapter
Structuring the order of the list of points
Select elements by family type
Trace curtain panel boundaries
Getting help and building the logic
Remove the unwanted points
Join multiple lists into a single list
Reorganize points
Complete the graph and place adaptive components
Bonus: Run the graph on sloped glazing and curtain systems

What's next

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