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Dynamo for Revit Project Setup

Video Introducing this tutorial


Exercise files

1. Setting Up

Using Dynamo for Revit project setup
Setting up your Revit file template
Setting up the Excel file: Levels
Excel: Floor and ceiling plans
Setting up the Excel file: Sheets

2. Creating Floor and Ceiling Plans

Import data for levels into Dynamo
Automatically generate Revit levels
Import floor plan data into Dynamo
Look up Revit levels by their names
Name all of the project's floor plans
Generate and name all ceiling plans

3. Creating Elevations

Add a node and package path
Create elevations from scope box
Set the names of elevation views
Deploying node and package path settings

4. Creating Sheets

Import Excel data to create sheets
Specify a title block family type
Look up Revit views by their names
Creating the sheets without views
Move viewports on sheets


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