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Dynamo 2.x Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Automate your BIM workflows with Dynamo
Exercise files

1. Getting to Know Dynamo
What is Dynamo?
Navigating the UI and node library
Placing and connecting nodes

2. Working with Data
Understanding data types
Performing math functions
Using numbers to output other data types
Creating a list of numbers
Generating lists with sequence and range
Using lists of numbers as inputs
Modifying and analyzing text strings
Reading data from an Excel spreadsheet
The basics of managing lists
The basics of managing nested lists
Using the [email protected] feature
Working with Excel data in Dynamo
Writing data to an Excel spreadsheet
Filtering data
Sorting data

3. Constructing and Analyzing Geometry
Creating points
Creating lines, polycurves, and polygons
Creating arcs and NURBS curves
Using vectors to translate geometry
Rotate and mirror with vectors and planes
Creating surfaces and solids
Creating solids with loft
Modifying solids
Analyzing solids
Analyzing curves
Analyzing surfaces
Exporting geometry as SAT and STL

4. Revit
Accessing Revit geometry and data
Linking a Dynamo-driven SAT into Revit
Placing Revit families
Placing adaptive components
Setting Revit parameter values
Creating views and sheets

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