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lynda Drupal 9 Essential Training: 3 Taxonomy, Media, and Modules

Video Introducing this tutorial

Note: This course was created by OSTraining. We are pleased to host this training in our library.
Introduction :
Introduction to the course
1. Taxonomy Explained :
Taxonomy explained
Adding vocabularies and terms, part 1
Adding vocabularies and terms, part 2
Adding taxonomy fields
Updating your content
2. Media Explained :
The Drupal media manager
Adding media fields to content types
Updating content with media
3. Modules Explained :
Modules explained
Scheduling content
Inserting a Google Map
Adding internal linking to the WYSIWYG editor
Open external links in a new tab or window
Paths: Installing Pathauto, Token, and CTools
Configuring Pathauto
Installing Devel