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Dreamweaver CC: Responsive Design

Using the exercise files
Using the challenges

1. Understanding Responsive Web Design
The foundation of responsive web design
Structuring fluid grids
Understanding media queries

2. Fluid Grid Layouts in Dreamweaver
Creating a new fluid grid layout
Adding building block

Inserting content
Targeting a phone design
Balancing tablet layouts

3. Expanding on a Fluid Grid Structure
Modifying the number of grid columns
Adjusting and hiding page areas
Challenge: Customize the layout
Solution: Customize the layout

4. Enhanced Media Queries
Building media queries from the ground up
Working with additional media queries
Handling orientation changes
Working with high-resolution displays
Challenge: Hiding specific content
Solution: Hiding specific content

5. Flexible Images and Media
Core CSS manipulation
Applying JavaScript techniques
Switching to the right video size
Challenge: Add new media
Solution: Add new media