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Drawing 2-Point Perspective

What you should know

1. Perspective Basics
1-point vs. 2-point perspective
Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical perspective

2. Building Blocks: 3D Cubes in 2-Point Perspective
Drawing a 3D symmetrical cube in space
Drawing a 3D asymmetrical cube in space

3. Create an Imagined Street Scene
Transforming blocks to buildings
Imagining windows and doors
Transitioning building blocks to a more established drawing
Adding environment: Trees, lightposts, and powerlines
Drawing the illusion of depth

4. Create an Imagined Interior Space
One-point vs. two-point interior perspective
Drawing the corner of a room: Walls, windows, and doors
Adding floorboards and furniture
Transitioning building blocks: Freehand sketching

5. Drawing from Observation
Finding a composition and sighting angles
Stages of process: Putting it all together