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DraftSight Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
DraftSight 2017 SP1, critical hotfix

1. Introduction: What Is DraftSight?

What is DraftSight?
Conventions used in DraftSight
Starting a DraftSight drawing session
Using Options

2. The DraftSIght Classic Interface

The Classic interface workspace
Dropdown menu
Context menu
Keyboard shortcuts
Standard toolbar
Graphics area
View tiles
Graphics cursor and crosshairs
Cartesian coordinates and the origin
Model tab and Sheet tab
Command window
Status bar

3. The DraftSight Drafting and Annotation Interface

The Drafting and Annotation workspace
Workspace switching
Main menu
Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
The ribbon
The Home tab
The Insert tab
The Annotate tab
The Sheet tab
The Manage tab
The View tab
The Home palette
The Properties palette
Drawing tabs

4. DraftSight Zoom Commands

Dynamic Pan and Dynamic Zoom
Zoom Window
Zoom Fit
Zoom Selected
Zoom Previous
Zoom Factor
Zoom In/Out
Zoom Center
Zoom Left

5. Being Accurate in DraftSight

The Draw panel
The Modify panel
The Status Bar
Using EntitySnaps (ESnap) to draft accurately
Using Ortho
Using Snap and Grid
Using Polar
Using ETrack

6. Using Layers in DraftSight

Layer Manager
Adding a new layer
The layer dropdown menu
Setting layer properties and layer options
Layer States Manager
Layer Preview
Activating layers

7. Using Properties in DraftSight

The Properties panel
The Properties palette
Setting colors
Setting LineStyle and LineWeight
Properties Painter
Get Properties

8. Using the Mouse and Keyboard Effectively

Left mouse button
Middle mouse button (scroll wheel)
Right mouse button
The ESC key
The ENTER key

9. Getting Started

Creating a new drawing with a template DWT file
Setting the drawing unit system
Setting the viewport
Setting Snap and Grid
Zoom Bounds

10. Drawing with DraftSight

LINE command
DELETE command (single entity)
ARC command
CIRCLE command
Entity selection with Window and Crossing selection
DELETE command (multiple entities)
MOVE command (multiple entities)
MOVE command (single entity)

11. Using Coordinates in DraftSight

Absolute coordinates
Relative coordinates
Entering keyboard input for coordinates
A rectangle using absolute coordinates
Drawing a second shape using relative coordinates

12. Annotating in DraftSight

Setting a text style
Adding text to a drawing
Setting a dimension style
Adding dimensions to a drawing
Setting the annotation scale
Using annotative dimensions

13. Printing in DraftSight

Printing from the Model tab
Printing from a Sheet tab

14. Other DraftSight Techniques

Using the Pan commands
Correcting your drafting mistakes effectively

15. Working with Layers

Layer 0, the default layer
Layer properties
Creating new layers
Changing the active layer
Renaming a layer
Controlling the layer behaviour
Setting the LineColor
Setting the layer LineStyle
Setting the layer LineWeight
Setting PrintStyle
Setting Description
Setting filtering and display options

16. Other DraftSight Commands

Creating new entity layers
Drawing a CIRCLE
Drawing a Hexagon
Using the COPY command
Modifying the circle properties
Drawing parallel and horizontal lines
Using the TRIM and EXTEND commands
Using the FILLET command
Using the MIRROR command
Using the ROTATE command

17. Using Centerlines and Splines

Using the RECTANGLE command with dimensions
Using the SimpleNote command
Using the SPLINE command
The POLYLINE command
Editing polylines
Setting and adding centerlines

18. Further DraftSight Commands and Tools

The RECTANGLE command revisited
The PATTERN command: Linear
The CHAMFER command
The PATTERN command: Circular
Creating more new layers
Creating a circle from two tangents and a radius
The OFFSET command

19. Printing in DraftSight

Setting print configuration
Printing from the sheet tab


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