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Docker on Azure

Video Introducing this tutorial

From virtual machines to containers
What you should know

1. Containerizing Applications
From app to containerized app
Create an Azure Container Registry
Use ACR locally
Connect Azure Repos with ACR
Automated container builds
Enable CI trigger
Challenge: Update a container
Solution: Commit a code change

2. Set Up Azure Container Service
Container instances or VMs?
Create a container VM
Connect VM to ACR
Deploy container from ACR
Deploy container via ACI
Challenge: Deploy a public container
Solution: Use ACI

3. Networking
Managing cluster communications
Create a security group for Docker VM
Validate SG limits on Docker VM
Challenge: Limit container access
Solution: Update security group

4. Storage
Container persistence
Define a template with volumes
Update script
Launch and validate a template
Show multicontainer storage

5. Troubleshooting
Find container metrics for ACI
Create a broken application
Discover container state
Fix failure
Exec access

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