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Docker on AWS

Video Introducing this tutorial

From virtual machines to containers
What you should know

1. Containerizing Applications
From app to containerized app
Create an ECR Registry
Create a CodeCommit Git repository
Push the container code to CodeCommit
Build the container from CodeCommit
Automate build on new commit
Challenge: Update a container
Solution: Commit a code change

2. Set Up Amazon Container Service
Fargate or EC2 for containers
Configure ECS for EC2
Enable SSH to EC2 for ECS
Configure ECS for Fargate
Deploy an app into ECS
Challenge: Scale the application
Solution: Scale with Fargate

3. Managing Container Scale
Create an Application Load Balancer
Configure the default target route
Add an ECS service and task
Enable auto scale parameters
Challenge: Adjust base capacity
Solution: Define auto scale minimums

4. Networking
Managing network models
Modifying ECS EC2 security groups
Connect to EC2 ECS resources
Challenge: Access an EC2 container
Solution: SSH and become root

5. Storage
Container persistence models
Container mods for shared storage
Defining a shared volume: Fargate

6. Troubleshooting
Discover container state
Explore ECS metrics
Determine SLB target state
Reviewing task logs
Challenge: Review an app log
Solution: Use the console to get logs

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