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Docker for Java Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
How to use the GitHub repo

1. Introduction to Docker

Introduction to Docker
Docker and Java
Docker workflow
Get started with Docker
Docker Toolbox for Windows demo

2. Run Containers and Build Images

Docker CLI
Run your first Docker container
Run container (ports and volumes)
Create your first Docker image
Create your first Java Docker image
Copy files in the Docker image
Run JAR files from the Docker image
Other Dockerfile instructions
Docker and Maven
Docker and Gradle
Tag and share Docker images

3. Multicontainer Applications

Introduction to Docker Compose
Docker Compose file
Multicontainer application with Docker Compose
Docker Compose options (project and override)
Docker Compose options (multiple files)

4. Docker Clustering

Introduction to swarm mode
Create a multinode swarm mode cluster using Docker Machine
Deploy services to swarm mode
Container or node failure
Scaling and rolling update of service
Multicontainer application to swarm mode cluster
Node maintenance, label/constraints, and global service
Create multinode swarm mode cluster on AWS/Azure

5. Stateful Containers

Create a database cluster using Docker Service
Persistent containers overview
Persistent containers practice
Docker volume plugin overview
Docker volume plugin practice

6. Monitor Docker Containers

Monitor Docker using CLI
Monitor Docker with Prometheus
Monitor Docker with cAdvisor


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