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DJI Osmo and Osmo Mobile: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. Quick Start

A guided tour: Buttons and controls
Getting ready to shoot and powering up
Using the camera with the DJI app
Basic camera operation
Which DJI Osmo model is right for me?

2. A Closer Look at the DJI Osmo

How to properly charge the DJI Osmo
Breaking down and building the DJI Osmo
Connecting a microphone to the DJI Osmo
Calibrating and stabilizing the DJI Osmo
Understanding memory card requirements

3. Shooting Photos with the DJI Osmo

Shooting in single-shot and burst photo mode
Shooting in bracketed photo mode for increased dynamic range
Shooting selfies on the DJI Osmo
Creating a panoramic photo with the DJI Osmo
Configuring camera capture settings
Controlling ISO and shutter speed

4. Shooting Timelapse Sequences with the DJI Osmo

Configuring timelapse options with menus
Mounting the camera for shooting timelapse
Refining the timelapse by adjusting ISO and shutter speed

5. Shooting Video with the DJI Osmo

Configuring video options with menus
Leveling the DJI Osmo
Adding pan and tilt movements to your video
Walking video shots

6. Advanced Options Using the DJI GO App

Remotely controlling the camera
Sharing images and movies via social media
Live streaming

7. Essential Accessories for the DJI Osmo

Adding filters to the DJI Osmo
Improving contrast with a lens hood
Extending your reach with the extension rod
Mounting the DJI Osmo to a car


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