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lynda Digital Transformation Tips

Video Introducing this tutorial

Digital transformation and your business

1. Foundations of Digital Transformation:
Making data and systems accessible via the cloud
Linking elements together via the Internet of Things
Big data: Mining for insights
Securing your records via blockchain
Using AI and machine learning to automate improvements

2. Check Readiness: Look before You Leap:
Build leadership buy-in to boost adoption
Start from well-defined processes for smoother transitions
Verify available time and funding before you start to guarantee completion
Watch out for transition overload that can stall adoption

3. Planning for Success:
Know what you're trying to fix by understanding your current state
Engineer with the goal in mind to prevent wasted effort and scope creep
Determine your labor requirements to get personnel in place in time
Identify and fix technological gaps first to make transformation tools available

4. Communication Best Practices:
Understand the needs of your participants for clearer communications
Build audience-appropriate communications for better message penetration
Make training materials easily available to keep employees informed and engaged
Create feedback loops to monitor the transformation experience and know when adjustments are needed

5. Iterate:
Measuring your digital transformation against metrics
Ongoing ways to advocate for your digital transformation
Continuous learning: Keep your workers engaged and skilled up
Continue to expand, change, and retreat as needed to keep current

6. Workplace Transformation:
Chat vs. email: Use the right tool for better communications
Links vs. attachments: Boost collaboration and reduce the risk of conflicting information
Video vs. in-person meetings: Enabling speed and inclusion

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