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lynda Difficult Situations: Solutions for Managers

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New This Week:
Preparing for a pivotal presentation to the executive team

The tough stuff of being a manager
React to an employee who disagrees with you

Difficult Situations: Solutions for Managers:
Redirect an employee who constantly points out the negative
Candor and high performers with limited advancement options
Stay focused on strategic projects despite daily distraction
Handling a promotion offer you don't want
Handling private information you can’t share with the team
Managing negative and harmful talk within the team
How to signal you’re overwhelmed but not incompetent
Effectively disagreeing with your supervisor
How to respond when an employee asks for a raise
Reacting if you are skipped in the chain of command
Keeping track of what your virtual team members are doing
Reacting when your employee has another job offer
How to handle another's complaint about one of your employees
Sharing difficult or unwanted news
Adjusting after you get promoted from within your team
Addressing unethical behavior
Leading a team when others are older and more experienced
Managing national political discussions at work
What to do when your boss says you need to be more decisive
Managing vacation requests when deadlines loom