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DevOps Foundations: Transforming the Enterprise

Video Introducing this tutorial

Transforming your organization

1. Why DevOps at the Enterprise level?
Why is the enterprise level different?
The role of corporate culture
The three dimensions of enterprise DevOps
Transformation is a continual process

2. Where to Start
Analyze your application portfolio
Find a minimum viable cluster (MVC)
Use the MVC to uplift capabilities

3. Value Stream Mapping
What is a value stream map (VSM)?
Creating value stream maps
Using value stream maps

4. Tooling at the Enterprise Level
Types of DevOps tools
Making the right choices
Central vs. federated approaches

5. Vendor Management
Include vendors in the journey
Contracts and incentives
Implement engineering standards

6. Steering the Transformation
Use the Deming cycle
Transaction costs and batch sizes
A transformation scorecard

7. Organizational Structure
DevOps organizational patterns
Using a central team
How to make a DevOps team work for you

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