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Developing Visual Campaigns

Video Introducing this tutorial


What to expect in this course
What you should know
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1. The Growing Demand for Visual Campaigns

Defining visual communication today
Visual storytelling vs. Info visualization
Why is visual content in high demand?
Why quality content trumps quantity
Defining a visual campaign
Challenge: Identifying Quality Content
Solution: Identifying Quality Content

2. Concepting and Pitching Your Campaign

3 questions to start any campaign
Developing a creative brief
Brainstorming creative direction
Brainstorming solutions
Brainstorming timelines
Presenting the pitch
Finalizing direction and getting buy in

3. Developing a Visual Language

What is a visual language
Choosing a font
Choosing colors
Developing an illustration style
Determining data viz styles
Presenting your visual language

4. Popular Solutions to Drive Your Campaign

Letting data drive your content
Creating a workbench of assets
The power of micro narratives
When and how to use eBooks
Developing visual content for articles
When and how to use motion graphics
When and how to use infographics
When and how to use interactive content
When and how to use email templates
Other types of content to consider

5. Pitfalls to Avoid

How to avoid the mistake of spam
3 data viz mistakes to avoid
Passing the campaign off to designers
Passing the campaign off to marketers


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