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Developing Ideas and Advertising Concepts

Video Introducing this tutorial

The importance of the original idea
What is concepting?
Demystifying "the process" in the creative process

1. The Client
Working with clients
Defining the project
Defining the project obstacles

2. Challenges Around Every Corner
Doing your research
Avoiding the pitfalls of mediocrity
What is a concept plan overview?

3. Establishing Core Values and Seed Phrases
Using storytelling to determine core values
Using questions to distill the core values
Determining core values

4. The Free-Association Process: Finding the Raw Ingredients
Using the free-association process
Starting with seed phrases
Using the power of collaboration to increase ideas

5. A Concept is Born!
Honing your ideas
Reviewing your descriptive words and sketches to find the best ideas
Experimenting with your ideas

6. One Great Concept Deserves Another
Maintaining a diversity of ideas
Using search engines to fuel ideas
The rough concept retrospect

7. The Rough Sketch
Defining the rough sketch
Visually defining your ideas
The strength of iteration

8. 180-Degree Thinking: Does Your Concept Have an Evil Twin?
What is 180-degree thinking?
Demonstrating the approach

9. The Revised Sketch: How to Make Your Great Concept Even Better
Defining the revised sketch
Demonstrating the approach
The importance of exploring variation (perspective, media selection, and stylistic approaches)

10. The Refined Sketch: Tweak, Tweak, Tweak
Defining the refined sketch
Demonstrating the concern for detail

11. The Final Selection: And the Winner Is...
Revealing the final concept "comp" solution
Reflecting on the process path