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Developing Cordova Apps with Visual Studio Code and Typescript

An introduction to Cordova
What you should know
Exercise files
Demo: What we're building

1. Setting Up Your Environment
Hardware setup
Software setup for Windows
Android emulator setup for Windows
Software setup for Mac
Android emulator setup for Mac
An introduction to Node.js and npm
Demo node-based development
Author your first Cordova app

2. Going Multiplatform
Add the browser platform
Add and debug the Android platform
Add and debug the iOS platform

3. Interacting with Native Using Plugins
Why use plugins?
Search for and add plugins
Enhance our app to use plugins
Skin and debug the app on iOS

4. Using TypeScript with Cordova
A basic primer on TypeScript
Set up a simple TypeScript environment
Setting up the Cordova project to use TypeScript
Convert our code to TypeScript
Use webpack to bundle our code
Debug TypeScript on Cordova Android
Debug TypeScript on Cordova iOS

Next steps

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