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Developing a Mentoring Program

Video Introducing this tutorial



1. An Overview of Mentoring Programs

What is mentoring and its different forms?
The benefits of formal mentoring programs
Underlying assumptions of formal mentoring programs
Types and purpose of mentoring program
5 elements of formal mentoring program

2. Pre-Program Needs Assessment

How to design a framework and needs assessment for your mentoring program

3. Infrastructure and Support

Creating a mentoring culture
Marketing and communicating your program
Reward structure for participants
Ensuring organizational support

4. Choosing Participants

Recruiting mentors and proteges
Matching mentors and proteges

5. Training & Ongoing Support for Participants

Training essentials for proteges
Training essentials for mentors
Action learning project
Developing continuous learning processes

6. Concluding and Evaluating Your Program

Concluding and celebrating your program
Evaluating your mentoring program
Making your mentoring program last