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Designing Ecommerce Sites with Muse

Video Introducing this tutorial


About the exercise files
Before and after shopping cart

1. Building Out Muse Pages

Muse site plan organization
Importing Shopify widgets
Adding a store master page
Adding main and cart widgets
Building out a product page

2 Creating a Shopify Trial

Creating a Shopify trial
Adding products manually
Adding products in bulk

3. Integrating Shopify Products in Muse

Locating Shopify keys and tags
Adding Shopify product tags
Preview and review
Formatting widget elements
Applying widgets to all items
Adding product IDs
Working with just the buy button

4. Building Out, Testing, and Publishing

Generating terms of service and return policy changes
Setting Shopify shipping and payments
Testing cart and checkout
Pushing live in muse
A bit about your shop owner


Next steps