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Designing and Prototyping a Mobile App with Adobe XD

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files

1. Creating Graphics

Understanding the workspace and creating your first file
Creating graphics
Using the drawing tools

2. Adding Text and Images

Adding text
Importing vector graphics
Importing bitmap graphics
Masking graphics

3. Creating Additional Screens

Creating additional screens
Creating screens for different sizes and platforms

4. Creating UI Elements

Creating icons
Using graphics from iOS UI kits
Customizing graphics from UI kits

5. Repeating Content Using Repeat Grid

Making a repeat grid
Adding unique images for each repeat grid element
Adding multiple columns to a repeat grid

6. Using Effects and Repeat Grid Creatively

Adding drop shadows and blurred backgrounds
Using repeat grid for profiles
Using repeat grid for a ratings system

7. Prototyping

Using and reusing symbols
Creating multiple screens for prototyping
Adding interactions and transitions
Creating a menu

8. Sharing and Exporting

Sharing and getting feedback
Exporting artboards and assets