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Designing a Sheet Metal Enclosure with SOLIDWORKS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Sheet Metal Tools Review
Reviewing the Base tool
Using the Flange tool
Building tabs
Working with the Edge Flange
Making miter flanges

2. Enclosure Design
Building the rough enclosure shape
Designing the cover
Creating the tabs and corners
Connecting the parts with hardware
Adding vents to the design
Working with nested assemblies

3. Working with Circuit Boards and Components
Circuit-board basics
Adding components to the design
Reference documents and data sheets
Panel-mounted components

4. Cutting Holes for Connectors
Placing the board in the enclosure
Adding standoffs and in-context holes
Cutting holes for the connectors
Using block cutouts

5. Adding Graphics
Adding decals to the design
Adding graphics to parts

6. Sheet Metal Drawings
Making assembly drawings
Adding part drawings
Creating flat patterns
Saving to DXF or DWG
Saving to the STEP format
Preparing for manufacturing
Manufacturing resources

Next steps