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Designing a First Website with Dreamweaver CC

Video Introducing this tutorial

Creating a first website

1. Understanding Website Design
Understanding the internet and websites
Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and frameworks
Designing a website

2. Creating a Web Page
Creating your first site and web page
Creating HTML5 content
Adding structure to your page

3. Stylizing Content
Adding a background using CSS
Adding custom text styles
Manipulating the layout with CSS
Adding images

4. Adding Navigation
Adding links
Creating navigation
Adding Bootstrap navigation
Customizing Bootstrap components

5. Designing for Mobile and Tablets
Creating fixed navigation
Customizing for mobile
Customizing for tablet and desktop

6. Adding Pages and Media
Creating multiple pages
Add a video
Add a portfolio

7. Adding Social Media
Adding a Twitter feed
Adding Instagram posts
Adding Facebook

8. Testing and Uploading
Testing and validating the website
Uploading the site

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