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Design for Additive Manufacturing: FDM

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you need to know
Using the exercise files

1. FDM Basics
Design for manufacturing
What is FDM?

2. CAD and CAM
CAM basics in Cura
CAM basics in MakerBot Print
Using third-party GCode Viewer

3. Bases and Supports
Exploring build plate surfaces
Exploring build plate adhesion
Understanding overhangs and support
Creating supportless designs

4. Features and Options
The body of a 3D print
Optimizing line width
Understanding layer height and resolution
Creating small details
Achieving accuracy and fit
Planning for strength and flexibility
Exploring color options

5. Optimizing with Cura
Support material and build plate adhesion
Shells, infill, top, and bottom layers
Small details

6. Optimizing with MakerBot
Support material and rafts
Line width and wall thickness
Shells, infill, roofs, and floors

7. Assemblies
Designing assemblies
Print in place strategies

8. Design a Hinged Box
Setting up your project
Sketching the box
Navigation basics
Modeling the box
Sketching the hinge
Modeling the hinge
Separating the knuckles
Creating components and assembling a joint
3D printing with Cura
3D printing with MakerBot Print

Next steps

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