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lynda Design a Cloud Migration Strategy

Video Introducing this tutorial

Planning a cloud migration
What you should know

1. Essential Migration Considerations:
Identify migration goals
Types of migrations
Cost considerations
The five phases of migration
Common mistakes to avoid
Infrastructure and logical considerations

2. Rehosting:
Which applications should be rehosted?
Performance considerations
Estimating costs
Is it better to migrate or rebuild?

3. Replatforming:
What is replatforming?
Advantages of replatforming
Some potential issues with replatforming
Identifying good candidates for replatforming

4. Adopting SaaS:
Why transition to SaaS?
The advantages of a SaaS migration
Potential disadvantages of SasS migration
Important considerations

5. Refactoring Workloads:
The case for application refactoring
Modernizing a refactored application

6. Retiring Workloads:
Why retiring an application may be the best option
Identifying applications that can be retired

7. The Migration Process:
Are your goals still relevant?
Building a plan of attack
Considerations for IT pros
Why it is fine to leave some applications alone?
Where should I begin?

Next steps