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Deep Learning: Face Recognition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Build cutting-edge facial recognition systems
What you should know
Exercise files

1. Setting Up Your Development Environment
Getting set up on macOS
Getting set up on Windows

2. An Overview of Face Recognition
What is face recognition?
What you can do with face recognition
Tools for face recognition
Face recognition as a multi-step pipeline

3. Face Detection
What is face detection?
Analyzing an image as a histogram of oriented gradients
Finding faces in images with HOG features
Coding face detection

4. Facial Feature Detection
What is face landmark estimation?
Identifying face landmarks with a machine learning model
Posing faces based on face landmarks
Coding facial feature detection

5. Face Encodings
Representing a face as a set of measurements
Automatically generating face encodings
Coding a face encoder

6. Facial Recognition
Identifying a face from face encodings
Coding a face recognition system
Tuning the face recognition system

7. Fun Uses of Face Recognition
Applying digital makeup to a face
Finding lookalikes with face recognition

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