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Databases for Node.js Developers

What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Get Started with Databases for Node.js
Look back at databases
Basics of relational databases
Basics of nonrelational databases
What we will build in this course

2. Prepare Your Environment
Install Node.js
Install Docker
Install and configure Visual Studio Code
Set up the sample apps

3. Use Document Databases with Node.js
When to use and not use document databases
Set up MongoDB
Connect to MongoDB
Insert data into MongoDB
Query data from MongoDB
Introduction to Mongoose
Add MongoDB and Mongoose to your project
Define your first model
Create an item management system
Implement all database functions
Create a user management system

4. Use Key-Value Stores with Node.js
Introduction to key-value stores
Set up Redis
Use Node.js with Redis
Add Redis to your project
Add Redis sessions to your project
Implement a basket service
Put everything together
Wire up a basket page

5. Use Relational Databases with Node.js
When to use relational databases
Set up MySQL
Create a database schema
Use Node.js with MySQL
Introduction to Sequelize
Add MySQL and Sequelize to your project
Review the database design
Create sequelize models and infrastructure
Review the auto-generated database structure
Implement an order service
Add an order management

Next steps

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