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Database Clinic: MS Excel

Video Introducing this tutorial


The database clinic series
What you should know
Use the exercise files

1. Data and Excel in Five Minutes

A brief overview of Excel
Strengths and weaknesses of Excel

2. Create a Database

Database creation
An overview of database creation in Excel
Create a database in Excel
Insights on database creation in Excel

3. Join Two Datasets

Join datasets
An overview of joining datasets in Excel
Join two datasets in Excel
Insights on joining datasets in Excel

4. Search a Database

Search a database
An overview of searching in Excel
Search a database in Excel
Insights on searching in Excel

5. Create, Read, Update, and Delete Operations

CRUD operations
An overview of CRUD operations in Excel
Import text into Excel
Clean text in Excel
Format text in Excel
Insights on CRUD operations in Excel

6. Averages and Calculations

An overview of calculations in Excel
Create a pivot table from two data sources
Calculate cohort percentages in Excel
Extrapolate population data in Excel
Insights calculations in Excel


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