lynda Data Visualization: A Lesson and Listen Series

Introduction :

1. Creative and Unique Visualizations :
Lesson: Creative and unique visualizations
Listen: Nadieh Bremer

2. Truth in Data Storytelling and Visualization :
Lesson: Truth in data storytelling and visualization
Listen: Alberto Cairo

3. Visualization in the Real World :
Lesson: Visualization in the real world
Listen: Michelle Rial

4. Data Storytelling for Regular Folks :
Lesson: Data storytelling for regular folks
Listen: Neil Halloran

5. Historical Visualizations :
Lesson: Historical visualizations
Listen: Sandra Rendgen

6. Visualizing Large Data Sets :
Lesson: Visualizing large data sets
Listen: Elijah Meeks

7. Unicorns :
Lesson: Unicorns
Listen: Shirley Wu

8. Text Analysis and Visualization :
Lesson: Text analysis and visualization
Listen: Richard Brath

9. Maps :
Lesson: Maps
Listen: Kenneth Field

10. Visualization for a Cause :
Lesson: Visualization for a cause
Listen: Olga Tsubiks

11. It's All in the Details :
Lesson: It's all in the details
Listen: Andy Kirk

12. Becoming an Information Designer :
Lesson: Becoming an information designer
Listen: Federica Fragapane

13. Data Literacy :
Lesson: Data Literacy
Listen: Ben Jones

14. Daily Practice :
Lesson: Daily practice
Listen: Amy Cesal

15. Data Visualizaion at Scale in Industry :
Lesson: Data visualizaion at scale in industry
Listen: Diana Yoo

16. Concept Visualization :
Lesson: Concept visualization
Listen: Francis Gagnon on concept visualization

17. Data Visualization Research :
Lesson: Data Visualization Research
Listen: Petra Isenberg

18. Visualizing Complex and Controversial Topics :
Lesson: Complex visualizations
Listen with Jason Forrest

18. Color in Data Visualization :
Lesson: Color
Listen with Rob Simmon

19. Visualizations in Excel :
Lesson: Best practices in Excel
Listen with Stephanie Evergreen

20. Science Visualizations :
Lesson: Science visualizations
Listen: Jen Christiansen

21. Data Art :
Lesson: Data art
Listen: Julia Krolik

New this week: 22. Making Decisions with Data Viz :
Lesson: Making decisions with data visualization
Listen: Steve Wexler

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